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Nebudroid - By Asier Arranz

Nebudroid is a funny way to interact with PC games and simulators using the accelerometer and the new multitouch capabilities. You can drive a car using the phone as a steering wheel (with gears for manual transmission), you can play Mario with a NES controller, or you can jump with the mobile in the pants pocket and Mario will move with you.

The software is tested in a HTC Hero, and soon will be tested in more Android devices.
The software will be continuosly updated, and I'm working in a improved version that has more new features.


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- Android Developer Challenge has finished! The results will be published on 30/11. Crossing fingers... :-)

- Instructions updated

- Nebudroid 0.9b released. Now support non-multitouch devices! (HTC Dream, HTC Magic...). Please vote it in ADC2 to help me in developing :-)

- Finally I have got another Android device, a HTC Dream, and I have solved the Force Close in non-multitouch devices. This weekend you will have a new version ready for download.

- Some "Force Close" reported on NON-MULTITOUCH devices. Soon I will release a new version for devices like HTC Dream and Magic.

- Nebudroid 0.8 beta version launched on the web! Donations activated for those who want to collaborate :)

- Preparing a new video containing more features and the instructions. (These days I'm having exams, so there are less news)

- Testing PC side client in some OS (XP/Vista/Win 7). In a future I will try to release a Linux and maybe a MAC version.

- First Nebudroid demonstration video available in Youtube (HD) and in videos

- Nebudroid web has started! Soon the Client side application will be in downloads

Donators will receive by mail all Nebudroid testing versions
Donations will be dedicated to new projects and hosting
If donate please do it from 1 or 2, because donations smaller than 1 are almost 100% commisions to PayPal. Thanks a lot!
©2009 Asier Arranz ( Nebutek )