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Why is the pace a little slow in the old building with the elevator?



"In the past year, along with the relevant policies on the existing buildings and elevators, the number of elevators in existing buildings is increasing. However, compared with the demand of the people, the pace of adding elevators is still somewhat slow. " Recently, the provincial special equipment Safety Management Association (hereinafter referred to as "provincial special cooperation") released the annual report of Sichuan elevator industry in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as "report"). The Secretary General Lv Tao said when he read the report.


What is the pace of the elevator in the old building? Why is the pace a little slow? How can we get out of the plight of "short supply"? How to look at the "report" in depth analysis.




Less successful elevators in old buildings are less successful


Trouble is the main cause of the process.


According to the report, according to incomplete statistics, there are about 40 thousand existing buildings in our province. Most of the buildings were built in the 80s to 90s of last century, and live in a large number of elderly people. Therefore, there is a realistic need for upgrading existing buildings and installing elevators.


The first step is to install the elevator in the old building to solve the technical problem.  Industry analysis, with the introduction of a series of documents such as the technical regulations for the renovation and reconstruction of existing buildings in Sichuan Province, the technical difficulties of existing buildings have been broken through. However, the provincial special cooperation has found that there are not many successful examples. Take Dazhou as an example, at present, there are about 230 construction procedures in the city's Construction Bureau, and 90 of them have been checked out, and the installed ones are less than 4 of the planned installations.


What is the stride that fetters the elevator? The report lists the reasons for the complexity of the formalities, the disagreement of the owners' opinions, the too many changes in the midway design, the large fluctuation of the raw material prices and so on. "The most important or slow is that the owner's opinion is difficult to unify, adding the trouble with the elevator procedure." Lv Tao said that the installation of the elevator at least 2/3 owners agree that the different needs of different floors of the owners, investment willingness and ability is different, to reach a consensus is difficult, therefore Chengdu once in a very long period of time, not received one of the elevator application.


Businesses and people reflect about the procedure of the trouble is, according to the Provincial Association earlier in some places to carry out the research in our province, only "existing residential elevator installation site survey opinion this book" a need, planning, land, fire protection, urban management, housing and other departments signed opinions, the owners may need to go through a number of departments, take a very long time.


Good action


Simplifying procedures through policy optimization


Speed up the pace of elevators


The contrast between the slow pace and the slow pace of the old building is increasing demand. The report points out that with Chengdu as the center, the elevator market will be enlarged every year in the whole province, and it is expected to exceed 100 thousand units in 2022.


In the face of such a huge demand, the relevant departments can take the remedy, and become the key to speed up the pace of the old building.


In fact, in the simplified elevator installation planning procedures, our province has in some places such as Zigong, issued a document, a clear "elevator installation is directly connected with the original architectural Gallery" and other 4 kinds of situations can be exempted from the long planning approval procedures, only housing construction bureau audit, filing requirements can be. As a result, the elevator installation process greatly accelerated, such as small local branch letter yuan from the comments, submit materials, review, publicity, to obtain birth certificate, took only several days, and if the past normal projects, land use approval procedures, probably takes 1 years.


Some of the practices outside the province can also be used as a reference.  According to Zhou Weidong, general manager of Shanghai MITSUBISHI Elevator Co., Ltd., Sichuan branch, Shanghai will reduce the examination and approval link of the installation of elevators from 46 to 15, and the related procedures have been reduced from the previous multi sector to 4 sectors. "The simplification of formalities greatly improves the enthusiasm of the enterprises and the people to add elevators."  Zhou Weidong said.


In addition, one of the main reasons why the owners are difficult to agree is the cost of adding elevators. To this end, in January 1st, Yibin city start to explore the clear contribution of the creation of an elevator has the legal ownership of property rights and their spouses in the city without outstanding housing provident fund loans, individual housing provident fund account balance of both husband and wife were retained after 10 thousand yuan, can be extracted himself and spouse of the housing provident fund, to pay an additional elevator personal expenses.


Beneficial side


It is suggested to explore "sharing elevator"


Let the residents no longer be "daunting"


"The government's active support is to allow the industry to be optimistic about the future market." At the 2017 annual meeting of the elevator industry in Chengdu, many enterprises expressed the bullish on the old building to install the elevator market.


However, it is also believed that some innovative ways are needed to make the cake bigger.


People in the industry have put forward the concept of "sharing elevator". Specifically, it is a free investment for users to install elevators, go through procedures and apply for subsidies to the government. Users can pay fees according to needs, monthly, monthly and yearly. The industry believes that this is a great innovation, and it is expected to solve the problem of "prohibitive" in the face of installing elevator demand due to cumbersome procedures and high cost.




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